Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gr8full For All Of You...and Moving Forward.

Well...we have been here for almost two months. All our bio posts have run and you, our reader, have stuck with us through our experimental soft launch. I truly want to tell you how gr8full I am that you've shared your precious time here. 

This has been an idea on the back burner for quite some time and its a thrill to have it come to life.

Gr8full For The Cre8ive Klatch

If you missed any of our fabulous artists you can look them up on our biography page.

Moving forward we are going to start with some fabulous ways to make gifts for Christmas...which if you've looked at a calendar is coming up fast! Too fast...

The girls also have some tips for your studio. Moving it from your home to an outside space, how to fit one into your house, and if you have a studio why its okay that its never tidy.

Business tips, show season foibles, quick cre8ive things for the holidays, and lots, lots more.

Our hope is you will continue to come back for more...continue to find something here to connect with...discover cre8ive ways that resonate with you.

In the meantime come join the conversation on our Facebook page: Cre8ive Klatch 

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