Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ideas For Bringing Back Your Muse

Do you ever find yourself in a creative slump? A day or more of fleeting ideas and a lack of creativity? It feels like you just can’t come up with an idea or figure out what or how to tackle your creative tasks?

What do you do? How do you bring back your muse? What ideas do you use to coax your art back?

I took a poll from our fantastically artistic group..who just like you…has those same moments and this is what they said...

I have a great network of creatives from a variety of backgrounds that I lean on. Artists, musicians, dancers, writers....I could go on.... I brainstorm with them, swap ideas, explore my project, and before I know it, the creative juices start to flow. I truly believe that we create more than we could alone when we allow another into our play world!

Scribble Swarm

Also the Scribble Swarm.  Another thing I do is just start scribbling. Doodling has become an art form, so if I think of it that way, it is about being creative. But scribbling can be messy and energetic. 
Rachél Payne of Creativity Tribe

Do something non-art related
Like dishes, laundry, purge a closet. Also just painting super freely/abstractly in my art journal that no one has to see. That gets me in the mood!
Jill Lambert of Jill’s Dream

Get up and dance to a great song. Pull out some great books and/or magazines and look for color, texture & shapes. Go for a walk. Do something boring.        Linda Kinnaman of Linda Kay’s Art

I go for a walk in nature … Or my favourite way is to visit a store in town that I find inspiring and makes me feel like I am "Refilling the Well" {a little artist's date a'la Julia Cameron} then I go home, put some music on, get my art supplies out and get onto it.          
Cat Athena Louise of Bohemian Dream

I go for a drive or read.     
Ursula Smith of

Drag out some of my 843678986 Stampington magazines.
Lori Leissner of LeissnerArt

Start a non-creative project that I don't want to do! That almost always works!
Janet Forrest of Tattered N' Worn

I go to nature or meditate... Clear my mind of the local traffic.... Daily crainess...
Kim Hyer of A Paper Addict

I do something unrelated to art. Dishes, start something in the crockpot, chop firewood or something else physical. Works everytime.
Sally Rose of Hidden Talents

Pinterest, I just get on and do something creative - I usually start by finding something I like on Pinterest and copying it then I make another one and modify it and another making it more my own.
Michelle Reynolds of Shells in the Bush

As for me… first inclination is to clean the studio. But you can read my top 6 fixes for my creative slump over at my blog...Susan’s Art Circus

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C’mon over and tell us what you do when your muse leaves you!

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Wonderful! ~ When creatives connect they lead to more creativity. Sharing is the seed to more!!

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