Gr8full Cre8ives

 As Creatives, we have come to discover the value of cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude lifts the spirits. When we can find good in the moments behind us, we can relax into today and feel hope for our tomorrows.

Join us for the #Cre8iveklatch #Gr8fullCre8ives Project on Instagram.

Simply take a photo of something you are grateful for and post it to Instagram with the project hashtags.

#Cre8iveKlatch #Gr8fullCre8ives #Cre8Gratitude  

Post your gratitude pics or follow our weekly themes for additional inspiration. Submit ideas for themes to us.

Follow us on Instagram @Cre8iveKlatch. We will follow you back. We will post project highlights, inspiration, & just plain cr8ive stuff.

We will be watching for your photos so we can 
celebrate your Gr8 life with you! 

Check out our Instagram feed for #Gr8fullCre8ives...

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