Monday, March 2, 2015

Cre8ive Kids Corner: Truffula Tree Tutorial

Happy Birthday Dr Suess!!!

I just love Dr. Seuss, who doesn’t? 

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an outside the box thinker with his writings and his artwork. Many people don’t know that he also drew over 400 political cartoons in a 2 year period for The New York City daily newspaper.

When I asked the girls what kind of project they wanted to make in honor of his birthday, they both said Truffula Trees. The Lorax has always been one of my favorites because of the artwork and the powerful message of taking care of our environment. I like this project because it incorporates recycled materials, keeping with the core message of the story. The rest can be found at the dollar store!

Here are the materials you need:
-Toilet paper tubes or paper towel
-Square of cardboard
- Paint
-Different color tissue papers
-Pom Poms (optional, I got mine at the dollar store)

Here is the video of the girls making theirs and below I will post a short step by step!

1- Paint your cardboard base green (or any color- it is Dr.
 Seuss and we can think outside the box!!!)
2- Set aside base to dry and paint your paper towel tubes any 
3- Take approximately 6 6x6 colored sheets of tissue paper
and fold them accordian style, like you are making a fan.
Staple near the bottom.
4- Once everything is dry, glue your tree trunk onto your
5- Glue pom poms around the base of your trunk. (This is
optional! The girls really wanted to because they look like
little bushes!)
6. Open up your tissue paper, fan it out and crinkle it a little
until it is how you want it to look.
7. Pop it in the trunk and bada bing- you got yourself a
truffula tree and happy kids!

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We can't wait to see all the cre8ive things you come up with!

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