Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Two Book Reviews by Shells in the Bush

Hi everyone!! 

I'm Michelle Reynolds from www.shellsinthebush.com/ and the Cre8ive Klatch Team.

I recently purchased two books about drawing and painting mixed media faces which is something I am focussing on creating this year. One of my first mixed media faces I created was based on one of Pam Carriker's so I was thrilled to be able to learn more about faces from her.

1. Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker - Techniques for Drawing and Painting Faces

This is Pam's third book but her first on faces and it covers the following areas: Purpose, Proportion, Personality, Palette and Projects. This is an excellent book for learning how to draw faces and then add your own style and personality to them to make them your own.

Pam gives instructions on how to make different face colour palettes with different mediums such as watercolour, watersoluble crayons and pan pastels.

There are fifteen step-by-step projects on differing substrates using differing mediums and techniques for you to try to see what works for you.

Pam's book includes comments from contributing artists such as Andrea Matus Demeng and Mindy Lacefield so you can learn if they use a sketchbook or art journal, their style and techniques. These contributions are like special extras and do not dominate the book.

2. Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces - The Mixed Media Portrait Workshop with Jane Davenport

This is not Jane's first book, she has published books about ladybirds!!  As she created the projects for the book she filmed it for her online workshops (which I am doing and will review when it's finished!!). The book covers the following areas: Supplies Me, Drawing the Basics, Drawing the Details and Paint & Create.

Jane shows you how to draw your own whimsical girl and has some great info on hair - eyebrows, fringes, curls, twisted and braided!

Jane's book also has fifteen step-by-step projects to help you create beautiful girls.

Both books are great reference books as they have loads of information and inspiration to help you create some awesome artwork.  The step-by-step instruction to draw and paint faces are easy to follow too and the photos are great.

Which book should you buy??? I hear you when you say you can only buy one book and don't know which one to buy.

Ask yourself:
- whose style of art and face do you prefer/like best?
- what style of face do you want to create? More realistic?? or More whimsical? 

I love both books even though my style is more similiar to Pam Carriker's I found loads of useful information and inspiration in Jane's book.

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