Monday, January 19, 2015

January is National Organization Month!

Did you realize that this is National Organization Month?

It seems normal to re-organize during this month of renewal (also our gr8full theme on Instagram for the month)

We wanted to share with you some of our organizing tips and how we feel about the topic in general.

Here goes:

Laney from Sugar Plum Patchwork says...

My room is quite small - only about 9' x 9'. I have a large table that serves as my my sewing and cutting area. I have to make use of all the space so I keep rolling drawers beneath the table. I keep sewing notions, ribbons, trims and thread in the top drawer and have fabric scraps organized by warm and cool colors in the other drawers.

From Kelly Campbell Corso and her Bird in a Tree Creations

Organization: my friend and my enemy!

This seems to be a concept that I am constantly fighting to integrate into my life, for my studio and my house! I have come to accept that my brain doesn't totally work that way so I do what I can. I picked one thing in my studio that is the most organized and that is this shelf. It is great to keep all my glitters, liquid pearls and alcohol inks. Being a fiber/mixed media artist can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of supplies one can collect over time. I like this shelf because I can see everything that is available instead of searching. Hope this is a helpful hint for anyone out there in supply overload! 

P.S. I was going to crop the picture but didn't because you can see part of my inspiration board, which could be a whole other blog post!

From Lori Leissner of Leissnerart

My favorite organizing tools in the studio are these vintage crates. I have two soda crates and another wooden box. My paints, mediums, and all kinds of other arty things fit great and look so pretty (when I can actually get the stuff back in there).

Lori also has a great post about her word for the year, reclaim, and her closet.

 Michelle Reynolds from Shells in the Bush shares...

For me, Susan of Susan's Art Circus, my re-organization or new year renewal starts with every day spots in the house.

The rest of my kitchen re-organization post is here.

In my studio one of my most prized possessions for organizing is this tool caddy. It's almost as tall as I am and it holds my rubber stamp collection. Each drawer is labeled with a theme so I can find, most of the time, what I'm looking for.

How are you re-organizing for the new year? Do you continue to find spots that need some TLC through the month? What area is your priority?

Let us know over at our Facebook group or here in the comments!

Until next time!!

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