Friday, January 9, 2015

ARC Planner: Ideas by Connie Rawlins

I have been using ARC planners for several years now, and I love them!  They can be used in so many ways.  Just check out some of the previous posts on ARC planners here at the Cre8ive Klatch.  Lori Whether you're using your planner as personal or for a business, I want to suggest that you add your goals to the front.

Intentions are very powerful things.  It may sound elementary to say this, but to reach your goals, you have to define your goals.  And the ARC planner is the perfect place to document your goals.

Best way to define your goals is to write (or draw) them.  Vague goals, such as "make more money" are almost useless.  The more detailed the goals, the greater the likelihood of achieving them.  This doesn't have to be a long dissertation of where you want to be in five years -- although that might be nice.  List a few defined short term goals and a few long term goals.  The more detailed the better.

This is a page from my e-course "Counting Abundance" and you can download a copy here. That's the wonderful thing about the ARC system -- punch and add to your ARC planner.

If you're more visual, you might want to do a "vision board".  Here's mine from a couple years ago.

By putting your goals (written or drawn) in the front of our ARC planner, then that's what you see each time you open it.  The ARC planner even has some slots on the inside of the front cover.  Perfect for an inspiration card.

Wishing you the best in reaching your goals!

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