Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Arc Planner: Another Idea by Susan Walls

The first few days of January always make me want to clean up for the new year. Try to start with as much of a clean slate as I can muster. Drawers need cleaning, kids clothing needs culling, floors need deep cleaning, and the mind needs to sweep itself clean for 2015.

Being that I love to cook I collect recipes, and cookbooks, from all over the place. Clippings and page ripping are all a part of collecting but where do they go so you can refer to them? guessed it. They go everywhere. Frankly I'm sick of it. I recently opened a cabinet and recipe clippings fell like confetti to the ground. 

My solution? An Arc planner, washi tape, and a couple hours of time. (okay, maybe longer...)


I love this disc system!!

First I threw out recipes I KNEW I would never use. Since I'm eating vegan most of the time I knew that anything meat centered or something I couldn't easily manipulate into a vegetarian or a vegan meal was out. Second anything that seemed too time for those.


With that done I fancied up the blank pages with Washi taped edges. Not only do I like that it makes the book more colorful but it makes the edges thicker and easier to turn.


Then I could use the Washi tape to tape in the clippings or use my Arc punch to add magazine pages directly into the book.


Also imperative for a book you'll use for cooking is that the pages are covered in something that you can clean or wipe off. My solution was to punch Arc holes into plastic cover pages that I already had on hand. I've also kept a large Ziploc bag with my cookbooks so I could slide it over the page I was using...or you could run a piece of plastic wrap over your book or page. Sometimes there isn't anything handy so my pages are marked with years of splatter from using the favorites over and over. Oh well...


Now I'm not going to lie and say this didn't take me some time. It did. But the results are a great book full of recipes I will try to use plus they are all in one place! It feels like it's ready for another year! A New year!

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