Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 Tips for Art Studio Organization in a Small Space - Laney McDonald

Hello there! I’m Laney from Sugarplum Patchwork and it’s my day here at Cre8ive Klatch to share about organizing in your creative space.

My studio is a small room in our home. I’m an artist who likes to stitch and draw and paint – and all of that has to happen inside a room that is about 9 x 9.5 feet.  Luckily this room has a (small) closet and that is where I keep most of my supplies.

In an effort to make this small space work for a variety of activities, I have learned some organizing tips I’d like to share with you.  

Tip #1 - SHELVES
The tiny closet has a shelving system to take advantage of the space. I keep fabric and art papers on these shelves.

I rescued a three-shelf cart from the kitchen and keep this against the back wall to make more shelf space for works-in-progress, cotton batting and all those inspiring art magazines!

Tip #2 - BAGS, and BOXES
I keep less used paints in a plastic box on the floor just inside the closet door where it’s easy to reach. When I need those paints I just grab the box and bring it to my work table.
Soft goods like fiberfill stuffing and poly batting go on the floor on either side – kept clean inside plastic bags.

Tip #3 - DRAWERS
I have a large work table so I keep my sewing machine on one side and my painting board on the other. My frequently used sewing notions and scraps live in drawers under the table right beside the sewing machine. (You can read more about this on my blog.) My most used paint and craft supplies live in a small chest of drawers close to the painting side of the table.

Since my room is so small I don't have room for tons of stuff and I have to keep it neat or I feel claustrophobic in the small space, which brings me to . . .

Tip #4 - The trick is knowing what you really use and finding a way to have those items close by.

As long as you keep that in mind you can create a small space that works for you.

Need some more ideas? Want to see tons of inspiring photos? I have one word for you.


I love Pinterest. I have a Studio Organization board there.  Here’s the link.  I pin pins about studio layout, storage options, making use of small space, as well as design and decorating for your art/craft/sewing room.  Hop over and take a look. I hope it gives you some good ideas.

Thanks for visiting with Cre8ive Klatch! We’d love to see how you organize your creative space. Feel free to share on our Facebook page.

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