Monday, January 26, 2015

Create a Shipping Station for Small Spaces By Kelly Campbell Corso

I think if you ask some Creative business owners what they like least about their job, one of the most popular answers would be shipping my products. I know for me, it can be a bit of a nightmare! I have a small room in my house that is my studio. In said room I have 3 tables. One is for my needle felting, one is for painting and the last is my sewing table.

So, when I hear that little ching ching on my phone and know i have an order, here is how it has been playing out!

1- Do a happy dance for getting an order
2- Print out the order
3- Find the item on my inventory shelves (which could be a whole other blog post!)
4- Put these items on my dining room table and go searching for a mailer/box
5- On the way to find a mailer I see some of my kids dirty socks so i pick them up and take them to the washer which reminds me that I need to do a load of laundry.
6- Start a load of laundry then remember I was looking for a mailer
7- Find a mailer and head back to the dining room table
8- Realize that I need tissue paper, head off on a tissue paper hunt
9- Find tissue paper, now I need scissors

I’ll spare you the rest of my very non linear thinking and get to my solution!
This mailing process should only take about 5-10 minutes but with all the distractions in between finding the items I need can stretch this process out quite a bit!

The solution- a shipping station box! When I have to ship an item, I grab the box and take it to my dining room table and I have everything I need in there! No need for searching and getting side tracked with dirty socks, a pile of toys or whatever else may grab my attention.

Here are the things I’ve included-

- Mailing envelopes/ some boxes
- Tissue paper
- A pair of dedicated scissors
-Tape and packing tape
-Little notes I like to include
-Little free gifts I also like to include
-A Sharpie
-Some pens
-Business cards
-A shipping scale (which I do  not have yet but plan to in the new year!)

This is a box that I had handy. When I am able I will purchase a bigger box that will enable a bit more organization within the box but for now, everything I need is in one place!!!

Perhaps this can help some of you who do not have the space for a dedicated shipping area!

Until next time, Happy shipping!

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LindaKay said...

Kelly, I love the simplicity and genius of this idea! One of those slap myself on the forehead moments. I could do this! I have a closet that I set up, but it had extra space and I filled the extra space with non-shipping items and now it is impossible to use.... I love they way you think!

Unknown said...

Glad you found it helpful Linda!!! :-)

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