Monday, January 5, 2015

Using our Arc Notebooks Cre8ively by Lori Leissner

Cindy Lantier gave us all an introduction to the Arc Customizable Notebook System from Staples last week and how she's using it as her planner.  Several of us in the Cre8ive Klatch have discovered the loveliness that is the Arc Notebook System, myself included.  I've written a longer post on my blog about all the ways I'm using it.  But I thought I would share a snippet here about one little powerful page I've added to help me with Reclaiming myself.

As I was researching the Arc System as a planner, I found an image on Pinterest for using grid paper to easily and visually track weight loss.  Each outlined square is a pound you are working to get rid of.  As you shed the pounds, you color in the squares.  I thought it was a genius idea and wanted to replicate it for my planner.

I added a few other things I'd like to track for the year. Since I'm eating the Whole30 way, I'll only be weighing once a month.  I'll also be wearing my fitbit, so I want to track my steps for each month.  Finally, I'll measure my waist every month since it's not all about weight.  

In fact, for me, it's less about weight than about health and fitness of which weight is a small, but motivating component.  So, coloring in those little squares will be a fun way to keep moving in the right direction.

I know it's trite to start a program at the beginning of the year.  I'm cool with that.  Health is a life long endeavor.  I can start sometime in a random month like March or I can restart on January 1.  Either way, I'm ahead of everyone who isn't trying.

Check out more about how I'm using my Arc Customizable Notebook System here.  If you make a grid planner, please share in our group on FB at Cre8iveKlatch.  We'd love to see!

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Ursula Smith said...

Very cool! and I luv that saying about lapping the couch potatoes!!

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