Friday, November 21, 2014

Cre8ive Klatch Gr8full Project: Friday Thoughts

As we approach the holidays I wanted to take a moment to revisit our Gr8full project.

 The gr8full theme for this month is "Small Things." 

Seems to be it's all the small things we lose track of during the busiest times...all of those tiny details...those truly are the meaning of our daily lives. We start to get frantic at this time of year with all the things we need to get, gift buying, food preparation, card sending, cookie baking, tree name just a few. 

We miss the things that make this life so special. 

Too many small things go by...and you miss the glory of being in the moment.

We here at the Cre8ive Klatch wish to empower you to take notice around you. Give yourself a second to take in all the small things that make up your life and be gr8full for each tiny thing. 

Be truly aware. What catches your attention when you give yourself a minute to see?

It could be your smiling children as they realize you're decorating for their favorite holiday. The family gathering that has a favorite recipe made for each and every member. Delighted glances from store clerks because you're the only one that was patient in their line. Things you might pass off if you aren't looking.

For the next week as we head into Thanksgiving try to capture a moment that is a small, tiny thing. A glimpse into something you may have missed if not for really taking that extra second to see. Allow yourself to be gr8full for a piece of your life that may have initially passed you by.

See what you can seize and snap a quick photo to share with us. Use the tags below, either together or separately...we will be looking to see just how much gratitude we can stir before this holiday that is all about giving thanks.

#Cre8iveKlatch #Gr8fullCre8ives #Cre8Gratitude  

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