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Ice Resin Play: Darned Bubbles! From Susan's Art Circus

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This is Susan from Susan’s Art Circus. As well as being a painter, mixed media artist and a dozen other things, I am the resident jewelry maker in the Klatch group.  After, and before, being an Ice Resin© design team member in 2012-13 I have played in resin. I love it! And I've started a series of posts over on my own blog with that obsession in mind. It’s all about playing with and experimenting with Ice Resin© and  today I bring an installment of that series over here all about molding putty…

Now there are two posts that came before this one today and you can find them here:

But today I want to talk about a couple different brands of silicone molding putty. Two brands and two things in particular…time and bubbles.

My favorite molding putty is, of course, from Susan Lenart Kazmer. (if you aren't familiar with her work go's extraordinary!)

Ice Resin molding putty

You can mix it together in equal parts and use it immediately after pulling out the item you’re molding. This means you can mix, mold, wait about 15 minutes, pull your mold off of your item, and pour resin right into the cavity. This is what it looks like after the resin has a 24 hour cure molding with Susan’s product.

perfect sheep!

You can see it’s clear, detailed, and beautiful. First try. This took approximately 24 hours total with the bulk of that going towards allowing the resin to cure hard enough to remove the mold. You could manage it in 12 hours if you're really in a hurry.

Now let me show you how another brand, which I won’t name, works if used the same way. I will preface my statements with the fact that the purple product works very similarly to the yellow. It mixes the same, takes the same time period to be able to pull out your molded item, and will mold with great details. But there’s a huge time difference in order to get a clear cast which, for me when I’m busy producing for shows or my shop, means I’m losing money with the time it takes. There is only one of me so every minute counts.

Here is a new mold made with the purple product that has had the resin poured into it.  Both making the mold and pouring the resin happened within about an hour’s time.

resin just poured

Notice anything? Here is another picture taken about 45 minutes after pouring the resin into the mold.

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

 Notice now? The type of material that this molding putty is made from de-gasses into the resin causing multiple bubbles to form. 

light thru bubbles

Sometimes this might be a happy accident but, for me, this means I have to make another piece. The only way to insure this doesn't happen is to let the mold cure for 24 hours before pouring your first resin into it. And sometimes even that doesn't stop it completely and you will still get more bubbles than you want or need.

So, for me, I use the yellow/white Ice Resin brand of molding putty and get some wonderful cast pieces in a time frame that I can manage.


No it's not a sheep or a's a piggie! 

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