Monday, November 10, 2014

Felted Soap Tutorial By Kelly Corso

Christmas is only a few weeks away and Kelly is here to show us a fabulous gift idea that’s easy to make! 

Have you ever heard of felted soap? It’s soap that is encased in wool, pretty cool huh? There are many benefits to be had from felted soap.

-soap lasts longer
- you have a wash cloth and soap in one
-exfoliating properties
- wool has natural anti-microbial properties
- it’s also darn pretty!

I'm going to teach you how to make cuties like these for yourself or for a great gift for someone you love!

Material needed:

-wool- any wool of your choice will work. A lot of people like merino. You can choose roving or    batting. I prefer batting because the fibers seem to felt together faster and easier.

- a bar of soap, your choice. Preferably in a shape with rounder edges

- a stocking or panty hose

- water and friction

Soap, wool, stocking and a container for warm water

Step 1- Put enough warm water in your container to dip wool in

Step 2- Tear off strips of wool and dip in the water, then begin wrapping the soap. Tearing is better than cutting. Cut edges will take a bit longer to felt together.

Begin wrapping the soap while smoothing the fibers on the surface of the soap

Step 3- Cover the entire surface of the soap while keeping the fibers as even as possible.

Step 4-  The fibers will still be loose at this point. Enclose the soap in your stocking or panty hose.

Soap enclosed in stocking

Step 5- Immerse soap in warm water to get it completely wet and begin rotating it gently in you hands as if your were washing them. Be very gentle at this point because the  fibers are still loose and need to begin to felt together. 

Do this for approximately 5 minutes. 

Step 6- Take the soap out of the stocking and the fiber should be                 interlocked at this point as pictured below. At this point you can continue to felt without the stocking.

Final Step- Continue rotating the soap in your hand for about 5 more minutes or until you can feel the fibers tightening around the soap.

Place on a towel to dry. 

Drying can take 24-48 hours

Bada Bing! There you go! Felted soap!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make felted soap and give it a try!! It is so much fun!

Happy Felting!!!

Until next time-

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