Thursday, February 19, 2015

Organization and The New Studio Space Part 1 by Kim Hyer

I have recently relocated to Oregon just a pinch south of Portland.

That being said I get to re-assemble a working studio. Join me in this journey.

I live on 4 acres with a 15 X 30 shop, a similar size garage and a huge barn. I had plans. Grand plans....

So after several weeks of debates (in which I lost) sadly I didn't get the shop or the garage. I can have the barn. The upstairs with the rats and spiders. No heat and a trek in the freezing wet weather through the mud.

So let me tell you about my space I do get.

It's cozy. It's painted peach (ugh) and my new name is Harry Potter. If you have read the first book you will understand. If not,  Go here and you'll understand. I am in the cupboard under the stairs. 

Hee Hee Hee!!!

"the cupboard under the stairs"

So, the first step was to move this junk to the barn. Tractor with a wagon and teenage boy.

So there is the junk... 

Here is the transformation...... drum roll. Please????

Much like a blank canvas. I now can start from scratch. Designing and getting my creative juices going. Trying to sort and fit only what I will need into my 6 X 6 space. 

Don't for a second get the mistake. I am over the moon to have the cupboard under the stairs. It has been 9 months without a space to paint, play and create.

Next was a trip to storage. Worse than it sounds. I got some shelving and some boxes. I attempted to be selective about tools, paints, ephemera and what not.

I moved from a custom made art room 10 x 10. Into storage then 958 miles to the cupboard under the stairs. 

I added 2 shelves. Then adjusted the table height and have unpacked some boxes. 

Maximizing the space the best I can.

I brought all my rolling carts. They are cute and I like them.

As you can see I have some more organization to go. This is the start. 
Join me for part 2.

Wish me luck.

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