Friday, September 12, 2014

Peace and Calming Solid Perfume Pots

I have become highly sensitive to scents. It's gotten bad in the last few years.  The laundry aisle at the Walmart can send me into a headachy, nose leaky, sneezy, itchy mess. But I recently discovered therapeutic grade essential oils. I have scent back in my life! Now I'm having some fun with them.


I can't believe how fast and easy this project is!  I don't cook very much, so I'm skeptical of any project that requires a live flame.  This was done, start to finish, in 20 minutes (not including decorating the top of the container), so it's perfect for quick gifts for lots of occasions.  Or you can do what I did and add it to a fun giveaway on your blog ( the link, leave a comment and you might win.)

You'll need:
  • Beeswax--Not a giant hunk like this one.  You're only going to use a tablespoon or so.  I used four tablespoons to make three pots of perfume in these 2 inch containers.  I got a block because I tend to overbuy everything and who knows when I might need a pound of beeswax?  I didn't want to buy the kind from the craft store that had a warning label that said, "NOT FOR COSMETIC USE", so I got this at the health food store. There was no warning label. 
  • Jojoba oil--Spend a little more and get organic.  If you are going to the trouble to make something, make it good.
  • Essential Oil--I use Young Living, but you can use other kinds as well, I'm sure.  Just make sure to get all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils. You'll use less, and there'll be no yucky stuff in it.  This is one is called Peace & Calming and has a nice citrusy scent.  I need a lot of both peace and calming, so I thought it would be a good choice for my first attempt at a solid perfume.
  • A container for your solid perfume--It can be any kind of small container that's not made of plastic. You could even reuse your mini Altoid tins.  I got these 2 inch tins from Hobby Lobby.
  • A stir stick--You'll need something disposable you can use to mix the oils with the melted wax.
  • A small glass jar--To melt the wax in.
  • A small saucepan--To heat the water to melt the wax.
  • A shot glass or similar--I discovered trying to drip the oil drop by drop into swiftly hardening wax was not going to work. Collect the drops in a separate small container to make adding them to the wax faster.


1.  Place water in the bottom of a shallow saucepan and place on medium heat.
2.  Chip off the equivalent of 1 Tablespoon of beeswax.  (I used 4 T to fill 3 two inch containers, so adjust as you wish).
3.  Add the wax to the small jar and place in the water. 
4. Add 1Tablespoon jojoba oil to the jar with the wax. (Or the same amount of beeswax you used if you used more.) 
5.  While wax is melting, drip 8-15 drops of essential oils into a shot glass or other small container. (Don't forget to add more if you used more than a tablespoon of wax/jojoba.)
6.  When wax and oil are fully melted together, remove from heat.  

7.  Pour essential oil into the wax mixture and stir well with stir stick.
8.  Pour your lovely smelling liquid wax into your perfume containers.
9.  Let stand until hardened.  It doesn't take very long.  You'll be tempted to poke the wax before it dries.
10. Don't poke it.

I didn't take any pictures while I was trying to cut a print of my artwork to fit in the top. Trying to get a perfect circle in the perfect size is not that easy.   You are probably better at math than I am, though.  It'll be a snap. So...

11.  Decorate the top of your lid. 

12.  Be blessed.

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Have a great time, cre8ive friends!

<3 Lori

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Catherine Athena Louise said...

Wonderful! I am also highly 'sense-itized' and haven't been able to go near fashion-industry produced perfumes for years due to the terrible headaches I get from them. Nice recipe Lori! C xo

Rhonda Greene said...

I need to try this! I gave up wearing most fragrances a few years ago when I realized how many icky chemicals there are in perfume, but this looks (and, I imagine, smells) awesome!

This Moment said...

What a great thing, Lori! I too cannot stand strong, toxic, artificial smells - I may have to do this when I get some oils.


Unknown said...

Awesome!!! I LOVE it. I too recently became allergic to synthetic fragrances and now carry an epi pen when/IF I leave the house. I LOVE the oils. We just made a body spray for my daughter to use and this is an awesome way to make a "smelly good" and would make for a fantastic stocking stuffer!! Thank You!!

Unknown said...

Could I use grapeseed oil in place of the jojoba oil?

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