Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting To Know The Cre8ive Crew: Kim Hyer

Say hello to Kim!!

Kim is from Southern California and here is what she has to say about herself.

Who you are?

I am me, just me. Well at least that is my view. It changes. Some days I feel like I am simple, others I think I am complex a multi-faceted. I like many things. I love a few things.  I am pretty principled and passionate about them. I also detest a few things. I am just like everyone else. Somedays I feel common too.

Things I love:
1.      Spiritual way of life.
2.    My dog. Yes I said my dog.
3.    My art.

Things I like:
1.      My friends
2.    Motorcycle riding
3.    Traveling with my dog.
4.    Dressing up like a girl (occasionally)
5.     Helping others.

Things I do not like:
1.      People (most of them anyway)
2.    Mosquito bites.
3.    Exercise
4.    Dating.

 Where you are from?

My parentsThat is a long story. It is about a meat cutter ( my dad ), a meat wrapper (my Super G ) and her daughter. The rest is history. Needless to say this un-planned bundle was born in Hollywood, Ca. circa 1967.

What kind of art is your passion?

Oh, I am really not that picky. I have played with many mediums. I can make stained glass windows, pottery, sculpt, jewelry and chain making, painting, journal, mixed media. Art is a passion, a view, changing anything from ordinary. It is all about your perception. You can see it or you can not. You can be taught to see it. I think it comes from the small stillness inside each of us. Either you hear it and listen or you ignore it and fight your life’s purpose. It really isn’t complicated. It is surrender to your self. So, I guess now that I am way out in woo woo-ville. My passion is trying to follow that small stillness inside that makes things more true and beautiful.

How often do you create?

I try to do something everyday. If not I am always coming up with ideas or trash from the ground to add to a piece. It is in the forefront of my mind. Example: Driving on the 405 fwy in traffic, I think I need to get pencils so I can sketch them in the grey, pink and creamy colors. 

How does it make you feel when you're creating something?

I don’t feel per se. I just listen and do it. It isn’t a struggle. It just happens if I let it. If I am struggling I stop. The past several years my art/mess has this flow to it. I do not know how to describe it with words. It is just something that happens.

Describe your personality in three words.

Okay this is a loaded question. I say that because If you’re a stranger it is different than a friend, than family than the Beene (my dog).

Stranger – Standoffish, Intimidating, Aloof
Friend – Honest, Steadfast, Trustworthy
Family – Loving, Generous, Dependable
Beene – Snuggly, Kissable, Fun (she gave me pizza crust to say this)

How do you know when a piece is finished?

It just is…….I cannot explain it.

When/how did you realize your life had to have art in it?

It has always had art in it. So, I do not know another way of seeing.

 Has being artistic changed your life or outlook in any way?

Creating has expanded my perception. This quote hung in my room for many years.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  Marcel Proust

How's has your view of life (art) changed over the last 5, 10 years? 20 Years?

It is not so much that my art has changed. I do not look at it as something I do. It is about expressing who I am becoming.

Would you say your entire way of life is creative?

Is there any other way to live? Oh wait there is I just choose to listen.

Tell us how your creativity blends over into the rest of your life?

It is the way I see things. The way I do things. It just is…
Give a couple of tips on how you stay organized. (This doesn’t have to be about your art or studio, could just be life, office, kids...whatever)
I love to be organized. To be able to know stuff, remember things. Find       what I am looking for the first time. Well, I have a little moleskin book for my life. When I am disciplined I use it everyday, make lists, add subtract start new lists. When I am not, well good luck and who really cares anyway? I don’t think my epitaph will read “She was so organized her life was wonderful”.  Some times I am organized some times it is beautiful chaos.

What is your normal (bad word, none of us are normal) day like?

Ha Ha Ha. Normal is the cycle on the washer that I use for towels and sheets. For me now? I packed a suitcase a months ago, loaded my dog, a small art stash, joined AAA and we are off. So normal today will be odd   tomorrow. We are on a road trip. No normal here boss.

What’s your superpower?

It is secret, sorry.

How did you get started...who inspired you?

The most Julius Forzano.  He probably saved my life.

If you could pick one tool or supply to do more experimenting with what would it be?

Okay, I am spoiled. Yes I am really. If I see something I want I get it and play with it.

If you could hang out with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

I like Matisse but, would want to have him & Julius in the same studio together.

What's the worst job you ever had?


Do you believe that only some are creative or that everyone is creative in some way? Why?

It isn't about doing, or making. It is about being. It is about listening. When I make something or paint something of sculpt something. My soul is singing. If you’re not doing something that makes that song inside of you play so loud, you’re missing the point of the whole trip.

If you could change your name what would it be?


Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Can you sleep if forced to change sides?

The one side opposite the pitbull. Yes, I sleep where I am allowed.

If money were no object in what country, place, or on what planet would you live? ...and why?

I think I would not want to live any one place. I would want to be a gypsy nomad type. I have been a lot of cool places all over the world but, there is so much more to explore.

What’s your least favorite food? ...most favorite?

I am not a “foodie”. Truth? I eat because I have to in order to live.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? How do you feel about that?

It really depends on our relationship.

Choose an imaginary friend who would it be and why?

I don’t need an imaginary friend. I have a dog.

What’s your most embarrassing moment? (Please keep it clean)

Pass. I am 25 years clean & sober Oh the embarrassing stories… Nope.

What's was your worst haircut? Please show us a pic....

I am a self hair cutter.   The best ones are from my childhood when I trimmed my bangs.

If we all came to your house for dinner what would you make for us?

Reservations.  Someplace nice, don’t get me wrong.  I am over the whole cooking, entertaining thing.

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