Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cre8ive Kid Corner: Kitty Head Magnets

Today we venture into our Cre8ive Kids Corner!

Kitty Head Magnets by Kelly, Wren, and Willow Corso

In our family we are animal obsessed, especially when it comes to cats! 

We have 3, all of them all rescues. Some days my daughter Wren prefers to go by the name Miss Kitty.

This is a great project for all ages (even you moms and dads!). Younger kids may need a bit of assistance.  It is super fun and very tactile. 

Here are the materials you need: 

  • Crayola Model Magic- an air dry clay in any colors you choose
  • small magnets
  • glue- I like to use Loctite super glue because it dries really fast (shown above)

Sizing of clay.

First you are going to roll several different size balls. 

I usually make the head ball approximately 1” and the rest of the balls in proportion with the head ball. (As seen below) You can make them bigger if you like!  

1 head ball, 2 cheek balls, 1 nose ball, 2 ear triangles and a little tongue ball if you choose. Then stick them all on the head ball in their proper places. 

Once they have air dried for about 24 hours you can glue them onto your magnets. I really like the Loctite glue because it dries in about 30 seconds. 

Once you start to assemble it's a good time to talk with the younger ones and ask them questions. 

Where do cats' ears go? 

Where are their little cheeks? 

I encourage my girls to experiment with different colors or different shaped ears--to just go wild!. 

Kelly's kids with their Kitty Magnets.

You will get super happy kids and lots of smiles if you encourage imagination. Tell them you love that blue cat, that you love those crazy ears and the added embellishments. 

Try not to limit them to the norm and realistic interpretations.

Kitty Head Magnets

Now you have cool magnets for the refrigerator or little gifts your kids can give to their friends.  They'll feel so proud to have made them themselves! These are the kitties my daughters made.  Some of them are quite unusual and perhaps not that kitty-like, but how stinking cute are they? 

The time you spend with them and the smiles you get- priceless!!

Thank you girls!

Stay tuned for more from Kelly in the near future! In the meantime check out her other links.



Connie Rawlins said...

Love, love!!! Can't wait to do these with Lucy.

LindaKay said...

How adorable! I will show these to my grand daughter and see if she wants to make some too. I think I know her anwswer... Thanks for sharing Wren, Willow and Kelly!

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