Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting to Know the Cre8ive Crew: Ursula Smith

Today's Cre8ive Klatcher is Ursula Smith

Hello my Cre8ive friends!! I am one of the 3 hostesses of this Cre8ive Klatch! Welcome and I look forward to connecting with you!! Read on to find out a little bit more about me...

Where you are from?

I grew up on Long Island, New York, but moved to Massachusetts after college.


What kind of art is your passion?

I started out stamping and scrapbooking, but now I love Mixed Media art, primarily Digital Mixed Media where I can use my computer and printer along with more tradition supplies.

How often do you create?

Not nearly often enough, but I try to at least THINK creatively every day! I generally get to do something creative 3 days or so a week. But usually only for an hour or so. That is why I can’t wait to retire ;)


How does it make you feel when you're creating something?

Like I am in my own little world :).

Describe your personality in three words.

Hard working, creative, inquisitive


Has being artistic changed your life or outlook in any way?

Becoming more involved with art, has definitely increased and changed my view on art in general. I would not have thought about going to art museums before I started creating, but now that is definitely high on my favorite things to do. And I always was drawn to more realistic artwork in my earlier days. But now after exploring encaustics and painting, I have a much greater appreciation for more abstract art.

What's your superpower?

Focus. My husband jokes that the house could fall down around my head, and I would still keep working, reading, etc.


How did you get started...who inspired you?

My mother was always creating, so I would say she was definitely my first influence. Thanks, Mom! After I was working for a few years a friend, Donna, convinced me to join her in a decorative painting class. I loved it and took other painting classes, but always struggled because I couldn't draw that well. Finally another friend Gail had a Stampin Up party, and that was the true beginning of this latest phase. I loved the fact that I could do art without great drawing skills. Finally, I am now doing online classes and learning how to draw. My goal is to be able to draw my Grandkids when I eventually am lucky enough to have some!

If you could pick one tool or supply to do more experimenting with what would it be?

DASS transfer film and my camera.


If you could hang out with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

DaVinci- I love hanging out with smart people and he was such a genius! l love the way he drew and wrote. What a brain he had! I also love hanging out with funny people. Jane Davenport would be hysterical to hang out with I think. So there ya go- Davenport and DaVinci. What a hoot!!


What's the worst job you ever had?

I was a garbage person at college. It really wasn't all that bad though, because a lot of the guys helped me carry out the garbage bags ;)


Do you believe that only some are creative or that everyone is creative in some way? Why?

I truly believe everyone has some level of creativity in them. It is just a matter of what medium they are creative in and to what level they take their creativity to. Some folks choose paint to explore their creativity, some choose food, some choose business, some choose software, some choose decorating, fashion, fund raising- you get the idea.

What's your least favorite food? ...most favorite?

Liver, for sure is the worst! My favorite food is probably pizza.


Are you an introvert or extrovert? How do you feel about that?

I was such an introvert as a kid, but now I probably am more of a mix.


What's your most embarrassing moment? (Please keep it clean)

My friend and I decided to skinny dip at the beach and when other people showed up we quickly put our suits back on. However, I put my bathing suit top on inside out! So not cool!


What's was your worst haircut? Please show us a pic....

Oh my, it is between the pixie in 8th grade where I looked like a guy and people would call me young man, or my bi-level hair cut in 12th grade, where my parents didn’t even want to order my Senior photo!

It's bad enough I have no teeth, but that hair!
There's a reason why this style never returned!!


If we all came to your house for dinner what would you make for us?

Take out pizza, definitely. And you would be happy because I am the WORST cook ;)

Want to find me elsewhere? Checkout...

Twitter: ursulanmsmith
Pinterest: ursulasmith
Linked In: Ursula Smith


Lori Leissner said...

Beauty! xoxo

This Moment said...

Awesome! Funny coincidence - my 2nd grade picture day someone told me I was a handsome boy...I'll never forget it - thanks to my mom getting a hideously short haircut the day before pics! Loved reading more about you Ursula! Jill

Renee said...

I think your Senior picture looks pretty cute! This is a great idea to bring artists together. Hugs ~ Renee

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