Monday, September 22, 2014

Getting to Know The Cre8ive Crew: Kelly Campbell Corso

Today’s Cre8ive crew member is Kelly. 

Please give her a warm welcome!

Kelly describes herself as a fiber fanatic, inspired by nature, fresh cut grass smelling type o' gal.  My dream is to one day live on a farm with my family, raising sheep and alpaca for their companionship and fibers.

Kelly is currently living on the Treasure Coast of Florida but was born in Newport News, Virginia.

 How often do you create?

 I create everyday even if it is only a bit. If I have a day where I cannot fit it in, I feel sad.

How does it make you feel when you're creating something? 

Hopeful, like anything is possible.

Describe your personality in three words. 

Curious, observant, silly

How do you know when a piece is finished? 

I just look at it and know it’s finished. A lot of times I need a piece to sit for a while then come back to it with fresh eyes.

When/how did you realize your life had to have art in it? 

I think I realized this when I was around 35 or 36 years old. Being a stay at home mom is great and I love that part of my life but I just didn’t feel fulfilled. I needed something more. Creating fills that space for me and makes me feel whole.

Felted vessel in rust.

 Whats your superpower? 

Resilience I have had many ups and downs in my life but I keep kickin’. I allow myself a bit to cry or feel down but then I get back to it.

 If you could pick one tool or supply to do more experimenting with what would it be?

I always thought it would be great to try out welding, making sculptures with metal would be pretty awesome.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on? 

Can you sleep if forced to change sides? This is kinda funny. I used to sleep on the right side but then I changed to the left when I was pregnant because it was closer to the bathroom! 

Violet fields.

If money were no object in what country, place, or on what planet would you live? ...and why? 

This answer is 2 fold, after all money is no object, right? I would have my home base be a farm with lots of land and animals. While not at home I would travel with my family in a bomb diggety rv around the country visiting all the odd and unique festivals. For instance- snail festivals, garlic festivals, cow pie tossing, watermelon seed spittin’- you get the picture.

Whats your least favorite food?

 ...most favorite? I can not stand brussel sprouts! When I was little my brothers and I called them bro spros. We still laugh about it today! I love Mexican food and could eat tacos for every meal! 

Are you an introvert or extrovert? How do you feel about that?

 I am an introvert and am comfortable with that although it took me years to be ok with it. I no longer feel the pressure to have to make conversation.

Whats was your worst haircut? 

Please show us a pic.... This is so funny because I was just talking about this the other day. I think I was around 11 years old maybe and my older brother had a girlfriend and I thought she was so pretty and I wanted hair like hers. It was short and curly, mine was long and straight. It didn’t end well. That was the last time I had short hairr and a perm! I will have to dig up a picture for this one. Hee hee

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Kelly, I am so proud of you and have enjoyed watching you go through your creative growth through the years. You are the best wife and mother.

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