Friday, December 12, 2014

Little Books Part 2 - DIY Washi Tape by Shells in the Bush

Part 2 of Michelle's book series...


Hi everyone!!

I'm Michelle Reynolds from and the Cre8ive Klatch Team.
I'm here today to show you how to make washi tape for your Little Books and to inspire you to create your own.

Part 1 will show you how to make different backgrounds and pages for your book.

Part 2 will give you some tips to make your own washi tape.

Part 3 we will be binding the book together - no needles required!!!


~ Double sided tape - 18mm/0.7 inches wide
~ Paper - use very thin paper as the tape will be folded over and this is much easier to do with thin paper.  (I once tried to use vellum but it was too thick and did not fold over.)

I'm in Australia and I love to use greaseproof paper - it is $2/roll, thin and soaks up the paint on the gelli plate. If you are in USA or elsewhere then I suggest tissue paper or deli paper or if you have another suggestion then leave a comment below.  Thanks.

~ Ink Sprays
~ Gelli plate and acrylic paint, brayer
~ Stamps and ink pad

1. Decorate your paper.

I only have 3 inks and spray them onto the paper inside a cardboard box so I don't get ink everywhere. I need to be careful not to mix the inks altogether to get brown.

 I always have greaseproof paper around when I'm using the gelli plate as it's great to make texture, it sucks up paint and therefore cleans the plate up nicely and I put it next to the plate to roll off any excess paint from the brayer.

2. Stamps add a bit more interest to your paper:

3. Before adding the double sided tape cut the paper to desired lengths adding a little bit extra - 10cm/4" and 20cm/8" are required for the book. Stick the tape to the back of the paper.

4. Then cut the tape into strips. See first photo.

5. Optional - I like to do this as it adds colour and interest to the pages - add washi tape to the 3 out of the 4 sides of your page - stick half a strip on one side edge and the other half to other side, the back side.

My next tutorial will show you how to bind your book pages together with washi tape - you will need more washi tape.... :D

I hope you have fun creating your washi tape for the pages of your book.  Please join our Cre8ive Klatch FaceBook Group and share your creations - I would be thrilled to see them and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you.


PS If you would like to buy some gelli prints to decorate your pages or in your art journal, for collage and mixed media art then check out my Etsy store for some great Gelli Print Packages.

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