Friday, February 6, 2015

Vintage Salt Shaker Vase by Patti Pruhs


Ever wonder what to do with those vintage salt and pepper shakers you see at flea markets? 

Here is a simple idea for repurposing them into something pretty. 

What you will need:

any type of salt or pepper shaker that appeals to you
20 gauge wire
a variety of beads
crimp beads
crimping tool
wire cutters
round nose pliers (you can use a pencil or pen if you don't have access to pliers)
sari silk ribbon (or any type)
E6000 glue

How to assemble:

Select your beads. 
I like to stack 2-3 beads onto each wire using a mix of different colors and textures in various shapes and sizes to make it interesting. I use spacers or rhinestone rhondelles between the beads and usually put a small silver ball at the top.

Start by straightening your wire and inserting it into one of the holes in the top of the salt shaker. Make sure that the wire is touching the bottom and cut the wire leaving at least 4~5" above the
top of the salt shaker. Keep in mind that you can always cut some off the bottom later if they are too long. 

Cut the rest of your wires using the first one that you cut as a guide. After cutting the wires, insert a wire back into the salt shaker and slide on a few beads to gauge how far down you want the bead to be. You can either mark the spot with a sharpie or simply eyeball it. 

Remove the wire and put a crimp bead on the spot that you marked (or eyeballed), crimping it tightly.

Start putting your beads on. 
Note: If the bead hole is too large and slips down over the crimp bead you will want to put a small bead or daisy on first so that they stay above the crimp bead. 

Using one side of your needle nose pliers, begin winding the wire around the needle coiling it until it reaches the top of the bead (this will secure your beads on). 

Gently pull the coiled wire to extend it and give it a nice shape.
Continue with the rest of the wires. 

Once you are finished with all the wires, you'll want to glue them into place or they will be wobbly. Open the top of the salt shaker and squirt in just enough E6000 glue to cover the bottom. Put the top back on and insert your wires. After getting them arranged how you want them, allow it dry. You can always bend the wires that stick out the top to the desired shape after it dries.

Tip: If you are using a clear glass salt shaker, fill it with either buttons, rice or glitter in order to cover the glue and the stems. You will want to do this step after the glue dries. 

You can embellish your beautiful salt shaker vase with sari silk ribbon, or you could glue on a button, a flower or a vintage earring (simply cut the clip off of the back), or leave it plain. It's totally up to you! 

This makes a nice little gift to give to friends and is a great project to do with young girls.

Patti xo 
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